Marula oil is pressed from the seeds of Southern African Marula trees. Since time immemorial, African women treasured Marula oil because of its skin care benefits. Marula oil keeps the skin supple and moist. It contains much needed fatty acids and vitamin E, which keep the skin moist and protect from environmental damage.

Let us carry you into a different world and feel this touch of velvet on your skin. Marula Oil gives you a luscious feeling of luxury and extravagance and at the same time smooths your skin. Marula Oil with its soft glow from mellow to amber evokes the rising sun in the African savannah.

From the heart of the Marula fruit…

The Marula Oil we are using is collected in the northern part of Namibia. This is where the women of the Ovambo and San tribes gather the fruit of the Marula tree.

To get the precious Marula Oil, the pits the size of a walnut must be cracked by hand, one after another. The women then extract the oil containing pulp of about hazelnut size. The pulp is then carefully cold-pressed. Between 5 and 8 kilos of pulp are needed for one liter of Marula Oil.

The cosmetics industry generally uses the precious Marula Oil in only the smallest portions, just to bring products to perfection.

Marula Oil does not contain any perfumes or additives and is therefore extremely convenient as a medium for fragrances and as a massage oil.